Three PM WordPress Plugins by That Dev Girl

3:00pm WordPress Plugins

My name is Joni and I write WordPress plugins (among other things).

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Besan Block

This WordPress plugin adds a responsive and accessible data chart block to the post editor. The chart feeds off of data from a publicly viewable Google sheet.

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Block Controller

This WordPress plugin provides site administrators with the ability to turn on and off specific post editor (Gutenberg) content blocks.

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Color Palette

This WordPress plugin adds a Color Palette block to the post editor, so content editors can easily list colors on branding and style guide pages.

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WC Tiered Shipping

This WordPress plugin adds a tiered flat rate shipping option for the WooCommerce plugin.

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const threePmPlugins = {

'Joni Halabi',
'My friends and I have a tradition of eating ice cream at 3:00pm when we are on vacation. Still confused? Just grab a cone and enjoy.',
'Hunkering down with my very active and curious toddler. Plugin updates are coming... slowly.'


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