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WC Tiered Shipping

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This WordPress plugin adds a tiered flat rate shipping option for the WooCommerce plugin.


This WordPress plugin extends the WooCommerce plugin. As a store administrator, you can add an incremental flat rate shipping fee to a user's cart based on the number of items in the cart.


Apply an additional shipping fee after any number of items in a user's cart. The fee can be flat or it can increment by multiples of a specified number of items.


The WC Tiered Shipping plugin is short and sweet, weighing in at under 6.5k for the entire plugin.


This plugin integrates with the WooCommerce settings panel and is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress & WooCommerce.


WordPress administrative users can create a tiered flat rate shipping fee based on the total number of items in a WooCommerce cart. The store administrator can choose to apply this shipping method to all available countries that the store may ship to, or only specific countries.

There are two tiers in this shipping method:


Screenshot of Tiered Shipping settings page.
Screenshot of Tiered Shipping settings page.

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